Industry veteran Jeremy Tillman is out to re-invent learning and talent management technology with his latest venture: KnowledgeFlo.

Fourteen years ago, Jeremy burst on the scene with his flagship company in the L&D space, a career training marketplace and learning technology company, where more than 50,000 companies have since purchased training solutions from, including 92% of the Fortune 500.’s technology division builds custom learning and performance management systems for several large global enterprise clients. Yet instead of continuing to leverage’s growing success, Jeremy did what many in the industry, including his investors, thought was rather unconventional: He intentionally stopped bringing new clients onto their existing talent management platform!

Jeremy realized early on that within the industry, most of the vendors, and certainly the companies buying, were all caught in a cycle of software. Every three years, companies that are dissatisfied with their systems simply shop again in the same fashion they have always done it. Jeremy was not only frustrated with the process but also the reality that the majority of systems, even’s system, produced more lagging data than leading information.

Annual performance reviews, even those with quarterly check-ins, are at best producing three-month old data. Combining that with L&D processes that take on average six months to design as well as the time required to create learning content, this inevitably resulted in programs that trained employees on skills they needed a year prior!

This realization drove Jeremy to take the time and distance needed to re-imagine learning and talent technology from the ground up. The result of which is KnowlegeFlo, a four-part platform being built to deliver real-time data, metrics and predictive insights to propel businesses forward while easing the integration and time to market burden.

We’ve also lowered the barrier of entry making the platform and methodology easily accessible, as each of KnowledgeFlo's four components (CommunityFlo, DecisionFlo, TalentFlo, & TrainingFlo) can be used independently and can integrate to work alongside your existing systems.

Want to learn more about KnowledgeFlo and why some are already pegging it to become one of the most comprehensive knowledge, learning and performance solutions? Contact us today at to schedule a virtual demo -- We look forward to connecting with you!